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Mr. Suraj Thapa Magar
Mr. Magar has been working in tourism industry from the last ten years started as an indoor official assistant in the trekking company. He has also several outdoor travelling experiences with excellent trip management skills. The most splendid quality he acquired is an amazing motivation and proper idea sharing skills with patience. Unlike others' some unfortunate experiences, Mr. Magar has ever enjoyed his work experiences because of his gradual upgrading plan in his position maintaining necessary knowledge, skills and academic qualification. Particularly assigned responsibilities to him in this company are; to deal with government offices and other related sectors, pursuing all rules and regulations provisioned by government of Nepal and destination regions under the directives issued by authority and indoor/outdoor workforce management.

Responsibilities assigned him to carry up as a manager is; to prepare entire annual regular work schedule according to season orientation. Prepare programs for outdoor and indoor activities allocating individual job to each personnel. Convey necessary information to person, group or organization within an appropriate time period on behalf of company with references. To keep all advices and suggestions regarding potential opportunities and challenge approaching the company either in the long term or short term to be prepared to come through. To present all necessarily amending points of principles and guidelines for the time during the year. Duly administer rules and regulations through employees under the particular guiding principles of company. Bear an immediate accountability against all requirements and expectations of clients and employees. He has extraordinary endurance quality, and that often conveys to achieve some unexpected success in his job satisfying entire subordinates and leaders.

Academic qualification: Mr. Magar is enhancing advanced level of academic qualification he has recently completed his Bachelor in Business Administration Specialization in Marketing from Islington College, Kathmandu affiliated in London Metropolitan University UK. He is going to join master’s degree soon.

Spoken languages: English, Hindi, Japanese


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